The Toxic Avenger Musical - Super Hero Matching Campaign!

Toxic Avenger Seeks Super Hero Match!

June 4th, the curtain goes up on 12 performances of Good People Theater Company's latest project:

A mutant B-movie-inspired celebration of true love triumph over dirty politics and oozing nuclear waste. Featuring numbers like Hot Toxic Love, Who Will Save New Jersey?, and Thank God She's Blind!  Perfect Janet Miller / Corey Hirsch material, right? But wait. The news gets even better > We have an angel donor who's given us a Matching Funds Challenge.  

Truth is, it takes a 4 piece rock band, about 2 tons of sequins and several buckets of goo to make this show go. So for every dollar you give to GPTC through this page, this amazing donor matches it! Tickets to the show available here! And donations can happen quickly and easily just by pressing the little button to the right.

Thank you—always!—for your support.


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